Vintage You

I don’t know why I switch allegiances from one blog-hosting site to another every two years or so. I suspect it might be genetic; my grandmother, for instance, had accounts and separate checkbooks for every bank in town. I like to diversify, I guess.

In any case, I recently rediscovered the blog I kept from when I lived in Germany to when I moved to Iowa. It was fun to reread. I’m a fan of that iteration of Diary Jessie; though she’s (as always) slightly self-obsessed, she’s also really into German history and not washing her hair and forcing beauty upon the world, no matter what the cost.

Plus it’s like a time capsule. People are alive there who aren’t anymore. Relationships, too. I like seeing this slightly-younger version of myself not know things. I like pulling one over on her. I suppose that’s kind of vindictive, but is it, though, when you’re doing it to yourself?

Anyway, here it is. Adventures in Coffee, I called it; who knows why? Well, I did, at some point, probably.

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